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By February 17, 2013

Turns out, the Graveyard Queen isn’t going to make NBC’s fall lineup.  😥   However, all is not lost, it can still get picked up for another season.  It just depends on what the network is looking for at that particular time.  The writers assure me they and others still believe in the project and are not giving up on it.  So for now my fingers remain crossed and no matter what happens, I will always get a little giddy every time I receive paperwork from Touchstone. 🙂



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  • Kasey V says:

    Awww sorry to hear that Graveyard Queen wasn’t picked up for the fall. They are missing out on something great! I do hope they realize that and pick it up for a different season. Glad the writers believe in it and will still be pushing it! That is awesome. *Crosses fingers*

    Love the casting ideas you do have. Now if only! *laughs*

    Thank you for the heads up on the tv status. 😀

  • Pat Gragg says:

    Here’s hoping Graveyard Queen makes it to the screen. That would be so great.

  • tiria says:

    Fingers crossed for GQ as a TV series, I’d love it enormously!

    But right now my biggest concern is that The Visitor won’t be published this year, only in 2014….is that true? I’m already suffering from Devlin-withdrawal symptoms…:(
    This series just hit me like a cannonball…and not just because of Devlin and Amelia, but because of the world you created, the scents (I can almost smell them), the feelings that the books invoked, the complexity..and I could go on and on with my “I loved it because”-list.

    best wishes

    tiria (from the other side of the world :))

  • An says:

    Up again in the middle of the night to buy the next Restorer novel only to find that I’ve caught up and now must wait. Since I’m here anyway, (and excited about the possible small screen adaptation of your wonderful series) I’ll give a stab at casting. First two in the top row would be great for Amelia’s parents. I could also see the fist (William Hurt?) as Dr. Shaw. Susan S. has got to be Temple. Last pic second row is Ethan Shaw, I think. Mariama is written very well as a “light skinned” black woman rather than a white woman with a tan, so Olivia Wild must be Isabela. Hmmm, Donald Sutherland…Grandpa Asher?

  • Emm says:

    Aww that’s a shame. I notice this season is all about witches, I do hope they go for a different twist by next season, would be great to see this on the small screen!
    Great writing, by the way, love the series!!

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