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The Visitor

The Graveyard Queen Series—Book Four
Paranormal Fiction

Dead of Night

Re-issue with Charlaine Harris short story
September, 2013


Soul Jumper—Book One
Young Adult


The Garden of Perpetual Slumber

Paranormal Mystery
In Progress

In the Garden of Perpetual Slumber, the dead don’t always sleep…

Lucy November is an aspiring B-movie director in Austin, Texas. Until she catches her big break, she’ll have to keep her day job as funeral videographer at the Garden of Perpetual Slumber mortuary. It’s not so bad. The dress code is lax and she’s allowed to be somewhat creative. But Lucy also has a darker talent. A gift she’d prefer to shake off—at least until she finds herself a good set of earplugs. These corpses can talk! And because she’s their last stop before the afterlife, they’re giving her an earful.

When a sassy actress with a missing toe turns up on her table, Lucy is drawn back into a childhood kidnapping that’s haunted her for years. She wants to help the police. Especially the cute one. But even Lucy finds Detective Romero a little strange. There’s a reason she can’t stop thinking about him. He’s conducting his investigation…inside her head.




Read about the artist who created the fabulous cover for The Garden of Perpetual Slumber. Comment by the interviewer: “I loved its Gothic feel and the punk sensibility of the cover’s main character. The scene is also imbued with a sense of mystery – who is the woman half-hidden by an umbrella and straddling a skull? She must be a badass and I wanted to know her.”
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