Soul Jumper Series (YA)

Sixteen-year-old Camilla Snow is brutally attacked in the parking lot of her high school and left for dead.  She lingers in a coma for weeks, aware of those around her, but unable to communicate or pull herself up from the dark abyss that holds her enslaved.  On the day the doctors advise her mother to remove all life support, Camilla makes a startling discovery…


The metamorphosis begins…?

The Series

Set against the mystical symbols of the Chihuahuan Desert and the ghost lights of Marfa, Texas, the story opens with Chrysalis.




The Trackers


A Second Brood tracker, Atticus has been jumping since the age of seven. He is expert in mimicry, stealth and evasion—a ghost. As ruthless as any of the First Brood trackers developed by the Nova Group, Atticus’s mission is to find Camilla Snow and keep her safe. But Atticus has his own agenda, his own war, and Camilla is a valuable pawn.


Becker is a First Brood tracker known for his cunning and brutality. Hunting human prey has become a game to him, one in which he excels. His calling card is a shuriken, a poisoned-tip throwing star, and he knows just where to strike without killing or maiming. Camilla Snow is the kind of quarry he loves most—fearless, agile…and worthy.


Scarred by a terrible accident when she was a child, Indra is intensely driven—not by anger or even revenge—but by a cold-blooded, single-minded instinct for survival. She knows Camilla Snow better than anyone and the same traits that make her nemesis such a worthy adversary have molded Indra into the most dangerous tracker of all.

Camilla’s World

Photo Credits: Tom Haymes, Michael R. Swigart, Chris Theobscure


The Playlist


I’m Not Human At All
Sleep Party People

Rain in the Ashtray

Wild Nothing

Endless Dream
Conjure One

Deadbeat Summer
Neon Indian

Nuclear Seasons
Charli XCX

Star Eyes

We Own the Sky

So Sorry Girl
Blackbird Blackbird

We Are the People
Empire of the Sun

Heads Will Roll
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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