As prom night approaches, three deadly trackers make their way through the desert…

Sixteen-year-old Camilla Snow is brutally attacked in the parking lot of her high school and left for dead.  She lingers in a coma, aware of those around her, but unable to communicate or pull herself up from the dark abyss that holds her enslaved.  On the day the doctors advise her mother to remove all life support, Camilla makes a startling discovery.  As her twin brother, Connor sits alone and distraught at her bedside, her soul temporarily migrates into his body and leaves him a note:  Don’t let them do it.  I’m still here.

Camilla’s soul is soon flitting from body to body in search of her would-be killer.  But the consequences of her migration—to herself and to her hosts—is far greater than any she could ever have imagined.  With each jump she leaves a trail…one that will lead a trio of dangerous mercenaries straight to her door.

Coming 2014


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