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When I was little, I had a recurring dream about an old truss bridge that spanned the White River in Newport, Arkansas.  The scenario and even the structure itself would sometimes change, but the terror I felt in crossing that … Keep reading >>


An Update and an Apology

So many of you have been writing to ask when the next installment of The Graveyard Queen will be out and the best answer I can give you right now is…probably next year.  I know, I know.  That’s way too long.  … Keep reading >>


Back to writing…

cemetaryI’m not an autumn person.   There is always something a little sad about the end of summer.  :(  I do love Halloween, though. :)

So I’m finally back to writing full time as of this week, but it’s taking much longer than … Keep reading >>


Dead of Night

Dead of Night

My name (tiny though it may be) next to Charlaine Harris’s.  OMG!

From bestselling author Charlaine Harris and rising star Amanda Stevens come two otherworldly tales sure to haunt readers well after the last page is turned.

Dancers in the Keep reading >>


Audie Nomination

armchairaudies-borderI have to confess, I was unaware of the Armchair Audies until Khristine Hvam Kies, the narrator for The Graveyard Queen series, posted on my Faceback wall that we had been nominated.  Now that I’ve done a little research, … Keep reading >>


Guess Who?

Turns out, the Graveyard Queen isn’t going to make NBC’s fall lineup.  :cry:   However, all is not lost, it can still get picked up for another season.  It just depends on what the network is looking for at that particular … Keep reading >>


What Is That?

whatisthat6No surprise, I love old graveyards.  My husband travels a lot for work so now and then, when he comes across an interesting cemetery, he’ll stop and take pictures for me.

Here is a photograph from an old graveyard in … Keep reading >>


Just For Using My Imagination

Blur Collage4_ppSo this is pretty cool.  I was interviewed today by the Houston Press for their “100 Creatives” feature, which they describe as 100 of the most creative people in Houston.  Not gonna lie, I’m totally stoked.  How fun to be … Keep reading >>


When Male Characters Become Too Chatty

clintI’m not the best person to blog on the subject of writing because I mostly do everything by instinct or trial and error.  I never stop to analyze why, when or how, and I don’t like to follow a lot … Keep reading >>


Blog Hopping

blog Welcome to my stop on the Next Big Thing Blog Hop!

Here’s the lowdown. This particular blog tour invites writers to answer ten questions about their current Work in Progress, or a forthcoming project. Each tagged writer answers the questions, … Keep reading >>

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