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I seem to be going through a creative phase right now and I always love when that happens. It’s strange because I normally find fall a bit depressing, but the weather has been so beautiful lately. I’ve been spending a lot of time walking the neighborhood and reading by the pool. Maybe all that fresh air sparked something. By day, I’m working on The Graveyard Queen series while at night,… Keep reading >>

Celebrating Milestones and Labor Day

Thirty years ago this month, I sold my first book. That’s three decades of pretty much nonstop writing. Like every writer I know, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but since that first sale, I’ve never had another job, never entertained another profession, never once looked back. Thirty years, sixty books and still more stories to tell. To quote Guillermo del Toro “…to all the monsters in my… Keep reading >>

It’s happening Part 2!

The Visitor is already up for pre-order on Amazon!!!  I’m just a tad excited because as we all know, it’s been a long time coming.  I feel like we can start the countdown now.  And I can take a deep breath.  … Keep reading >>

It’s happening!

Wow, June already? I haven’t even been in the pool yet, let alone sent out my second newsletter. But it’s still coming (with excerpts from the next three Graveyard Queen books!). I have good reason for being late. I finished all the rounds of revisions on The Visitor and I’m now thrilled to report it’s in production! Currently, I’m wrapping up the final revisions on The Sinner and it will… Keep reading >>

Two Down, One To Go

I’ve neglected my blog terribly these past few months (with good reason; see below) so it’s way past time for a new post. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you already know that I finished The Sinner, the 5th book in The Graveyard Queen series a couple of weeks ago and now I’m heavy into revisions for both The Visitor and The Sinner. I haven’t blogged in a… Keep reading >>


Have you signed up for my newsletter yet? Good time to do so because I plan to have a LOT going on in 2015-2016. Reason #1: I can give you sneak peeks at covers before I’m allowed to post them.  Take the cover of THE VISITOR for example.  Publication is still a ways off so I can’t post it publicly and it could always change between now and the release… Keep reading >>

Beautiful, mystical Charleston

I’m back from Charleston, freshly inspired and raring to get back to The Sinner. It was an AMAZING trip, an almost mystical journey into Amelia’s world. I stood in front of her house, strolled along the Battery where she first met Devlin and sat in contemplation in the Unitarian Churchyard, which is the location of an important scene in The Visitor. A very strange thing happened as my friend and… Keep reading >>

“Charleston is twilight…”

Counting down the days until my trip to Charleston. I can’t wait! The City of Steeples is such an important part of The Graveyard Queen series—a character in and of itself—that I almost feel as though I’m visiting an old friend. Several people have told me that they planned a trip to Charleston after reading The Graveyard Queen books and I can’t think of a higher compliment. If you haven’t… Keep reading >>

My Misadventure in the Big Apple

If you saw this photo on my Facebook wall, you may be wondering if I’m posting from the Big House.  Nope.  I’m home, safe and sound, and here’s the 411. Last Friday afternoon, I had my purse stolen while having coffee with my agent in New York. Major, major bummer. I’m usually very careful about watching my belongings, but somehow during the course of the conversation, I got a little… Keep reading >>

Mortsafes and Progress Meters

A few weeks ago, I posted a photograph of a caged grave as a clue for the fifth Graveyard Queen book, The Sinner. At that time, I had no idea how I would work one of these mortsafes into the story, only that I wanted to. As it turns out, the concept of a caged grave(s) is pivotal to the main plot line. Contrary to urban legend and folklore, the… Keep reading >>

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