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Beautiful, mystical Charleston

I’m back from Charleston, freshly inspired and raring to get back to The Sinner. It was an AMAZING trip, an almost mystical journey into Amelia’s world. I stood in front of her house, strolled along the Battery where she first met Devlin and sat in contemplation in the Unitarian Churchyard, which is the location of an important scene in The Visitor. A very strange thing happened as my friend and… Keep reading >>

“Charleston is twilight…”

Counting down the days until my trip to Charleston. I can’t wait! The City of Steeples is such an important part of The Graveyard Queen series—a character in and of itself—that I almost feel as though I’m visiting an old friend. Several people have told me that they planned a trip to Charleston after reading The Graveyard Queen books and I can’t think of a higher compliment. If you haven’t… Keep reading >>

My Misadventure in the Big Apple

If you saw this photo on my Facebook wall, you may be wondering if I’m posting from the Big House.  Nope.  I’m home, safe and sound, and here’s the 411. Last Friday afternoon, I had my purse stolen while having coffee with my agent in New York. Major, major bummer. I’m usually very careful about watching my belongings, but somehow during the course of the conversation, I got a little… Keep reading >>

Mortsafes and Progress Meters

A few weeks ago, I posted a photograph of a caged grave as a clue for the fifth Graveyard Queen book, The Sinner. At that time, I had no idea how I would work one of these mortsafes into the story, only that I wanted to. As it turns out, the concept of a caged grave(s) is pivotal to the main plot line. Contrary to urban legend and folklore, the… Keep reading >>

Cemetery Gallery

The new cemetery gallery is up, you guys!  Check it out! Right now it only has my photographs from Glenwood Cemetery in Houston so I’m counting on you all to help fill it up!  I’d love to have cemetery photographs from all over the world! Just click on the link and a form will pop up where you can upload your photographs and any info you want to include about… Keep reading >>

Horror and Heineken

As the Horror and Heineken Fest weekend draws to a close, I’m slowly but surely getting back into my routine. Sunday morning walk is all done and now I’m sitting here in my office eating cold pizza and drinking diet Coke as I begin my writing day. The weather has finally cleared and there is so much light streaming in through the windows. Feels good. It’s a little cooler out,… Keep reading >>

Feet to the Fire

As you all know, for reasons beyond my control, I fell way behind on my writing deadlines and I’ve been slow to catch up. So, at the beginning of September, I set some very realistic goals for myself, writing-wise and health-wise. I walk in the mornings at least four or five times a week and then I come home, sit down at the computer and knock out my word count… Keep reading >>

So this happened…

Yeah, this happened today: And then this happened… That’s right. FINALLY, The Visitor is off to my editor, off to production and I’m letting no grass grow under my butt before starting Book Five, which as you may recall is tentatively titled The Sinner. I’m dead-dog tired. I stayed up all night finishing the manuscript and unfortunately, I don’t even have that punch-drunk high that usually sustains me until mid-afternoon. … Keep reading >>

San Antonio, Graveyard Queen and Prickly Pear Margaritas

¡Hola! I’m just back from the RWA conference in San Antonio and had a great time visiting with some of my writer friends. Prickly Pear margaritas at Boudros on the River Walk was the first order of business. The drink, I’ll be honest, was a little sweet for my taste, but the color is just so lusious!  So I had two. I’ve always loved San Antonio. I know the River… Keep reading >>

Awesome Feedback

Just wanted to say a quick thanks for the feedback about my website update.  You all are awesome!  Wow!  So many great ideas!  You have no idea how helpful this is.  I can’t wait to start adding content. “Oh, I’ve got the prettiest readers. I’ve got the nicest readers. That’s what I tell everybody. I say I’ve got the sweetest readers in the world.” (™ The Bad Seed). :p… Keep reading >>

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